About Us

An authentic taste of Italy on Salt Spring Island

Del Vecchio Pasta Fresca was born from Max Del Vecchio’s passion for traditional Italian cuisine and his desire to create a place where he could share that love with his adopted island home when he moved from Italy. He wanted to offer the foods he ate growing up as a boy — homestyle Italian recipes passed down through the generations — and lovingly made with the very best local produce and provisions. For over a decade, Max and his team have been serving the community with their beautiful Italian food offerings. Del Vecchio Pasta Fresca has become a favourite for both locals and tourists — not just for the quality of the food and the real Italian experience, but also for the warmth that Max and his staff extend to everyone that steps through their door. This, too, is part of the Italian food tradition: offering care and love with every meal, and making family with customers and friends alike. 

Open Mon-sat 10:30am to 7:30pm

During the current health crisis we ask for customer to respect 2m distance from one another, stay 1 ft from the counter and pay with tap card (credit or debit) only.

What We Offer

Authentic Italian. Distinctly Salt Spring. Sempre delizioso! Del Vecchio Pasta Fresca on Salt Spring Island marries traditional, Italian homestyle cooking with premium, local ingredients to create pasta, pizza and other delicious offerings unique to this corner of the world. Eat-in, take-out or cook-at-home.



cook at home


Our Values


Del Vecchio Pasta Fresca has a loyal customer base for a good reason. We strive to offer consistent, high quality food as our offering and service to the community. Everything is made onsite, using premium, fresh ingredients and state of the art, Italian-made equipment. Perfection in every bite! 


True to his roots, Max takes his knowledge and mastery of traditional Italian cuisine and uses local, seasonal ingredients. Arising out of the raw materials from our local climate, soil, farm and sea, the result is something new — a regional Italian cuisine with a taste of Salt Spring. A new Italian tradition in the making! 


Passion and love are at the beating heart of Del Vecchio Pasta Fresca. Passion to create beautiful, authentic Italian food, infused and inspired by the goodness and bounty of the surrounding land and sea. Food made with deep appreciation and support for local farmers and producers. Food cooked with love for friends, family and community. Food that nourishes body, heart and soul.

Meet Max, our modern-day renaissance man

Max has the heart, hands and vision of an artist. He coaxes beauty out of raw materials, whether it be the abundance of fresh, local ingredients as the creator of Del Vecchio Pasta Fresca, or from rough pieces of stone as a sculptor trained at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan, Italy.

Growing up, Max was imprinted with the smells and flavours of Italy’s regional cuisine. As a boy, he lived in a community of families who had relocated to Milan from all over Italy, with mamas who brought their traditional local recipes with them. He also learned about the food business from his uncles who were successful restaurateurs. Eventually, he honed his own skills when he opened a bistro in Milan in his twenties. And he never forgot the food wisdom passed on from his grandmother: what is simple is good.

These diverse influences instilled in Max a dedicated love of food and all that comes with it: community, connection and creative expression. This love has only grown greater over the decades, which is why Max is so passionate about passing it on to you. 

“Another great thing about Salt Spring is that I can get all the premium ingredients I need from farmers at the island. It allows me to put the creativity I used for making art into my recipes.”

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